The stock market is very active, with numerous opportunities for short-term trading. Yesterday we discussed ZSAN and NVIV in premarket, both very active. ZSAN is sort of reminiscent of an AVEO or a GLYC in it’s stubborn pushes higher. I know a few people who traded it well, I believed the end of day selloff was a reaccum area, but took a small loss, as I didn’t want to hold that overnight being down on it – discipline. The “trend absorption” early in the day is highlighted.

JAGX was a winner for me. NVIV and NETE charts also shown.






JAGX was the winner of the day for awhile. I kept waiting for a little reaccum to buy into it, but it just rallied right into the EA. So then to my next setup, the 123 bounce bottom off the EA top. Was a bit unsure about starting the count, but the trade worked beautifully.








NETE will be discussed with subscribers. This thing is 100% about probabilities.



NVIV, again I never buy into the lows, those are very unreliable springs, I need momentum up. I had a bid in at .81, believing it would rally to .89. Perfect plan. Yes that is REACCUMULATION. Learn this stuff folks. No fill on my order.


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