Observation, Trade Setups

Quick post, observing and setups, you should be able to at least recognize this stuff by now. Time-frames are discussed once again, and trade setups in DPW (given in premarket comments yesterday – and up 50%), MYSZ (long 1.32), NSPR, and the “exorption” in KODK.


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  1. Hi Scott, thank you for the valuable real world examples..
    Looking at the DPW chart above, I can’t help but think I would have bought the break of support at 2.69 thinking it would be a spring. How did you know to avoid that break?

    • I’m doing another post about it, but that was part of my point in the video – the time-frames, and the short term moves setting up the much bigger bottom. Markets are a process.

      • That was effort vs result in that area on the 5 minute bars. E vs r is for very specific situations for me. All time-frames. I talked about it in December of 2016 about TLT position trade long at the other website, I think 60 miute bars.

  2. Are you still long RAD? Nice SOS thru resistance today. Would you say that whole bottom area is a spring? Or an automatic reaction?

    • Nope I am not, I was actually going to do a post about going after things which have gotten creamed. Like Kroger, you remamber that buy? Not long that one anymore, but that video is here somewhere. And compare these with GPRO. And yes with Rite Aid, a spring of “the box”. Lots of SOSes. And to me, bigger-picture, there will be more backing up to really set it well, get the point count going, etc. Strong hands, got to love them.

    • No offense at all intended to any of the MA people, but isn’t that funny how the MA buys often show up right back into the gap.

  3. Referring to the end of the video.
    Would you say that anything that is less than 45 Degree angle near a support for several bars on a low volume to be exorption?

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