Is the Ship Sinking? SOS

The Entry Points

In the video I discuss my trades/entries into TOPS, MYO, and SEAC. I also discuss beaten down stocks, and how to give yourself a fighting chance to catch a turn. Waiting patiently for a beaten down stock to finally push above a resistance level, any time-frame, and stick, is very helpful. Rather than flailing around, guessing and hoping. And there are other tools. The other stocks discussed are DCTH (previous post here), DRYS (previous post here), DCIX, MSRT. My reason for bringing up MSRT in today’s premarket is –

From today’s premarket: “MYO had a couple SOSes. MSRT also, and tied in with pot stocks. I’m long MRNS, should have sold some a while ago into the rallies, but will sell today. Watching SEAC and XOMA on reactions.”

Signs of strength (SOS) are one of the greatest trading tools available. I certainly don’t use SOSes alone, but do rely on them heavily. Also, I do not use MAs, but for someone who does, it would be a huge compliment. In fact, unless you develop a proprietary method to use MAs, SOSes are, even alone, so much better. A buddy of mine does use MAs, but literally in reverse. Very brilliant actually.

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