Stevie Swai

HIMX is a stock Trader Scott put on my radar intra day on Monday. We were both watching it for a break above 6.89. It bounced off that resistance area a couple of times and did as well at yesterday’s open. It had formed a nice uptrend so it was really becoming interesting. It was pushing right up against that area at the end of the day which can be a pretty good sign it will open well the next day , so I bought some shares at 6.77 right before market close. Sure enough, this morning, it had a tiny gap up and put in a 123 top at 7.48. I was out before then at 7.35. I’ll take it. A little over 8% profit.


CNET was a big winner for me yesterday and Trader Scott had it again in this morning’s pre-market as one to watch. I got another good trade in mid day when it took off and formed a 123 top. I set my sell order at 3.10 because it was the top of the red bar on the sell off from this morning. Order just barely filled and I was out with a .43 profit.


  1. Nice trades, thanks for sharing.
    I have been watching the Hotlist on TradingView just prior to the close for that pattern you mentioned and Scott brought to my attention, that tight sideways move just below resistance into the close. I’ve had mixed results with it ….

    • Hi Visao, It wasn’t so much a set up as it was something that started happening. That ‘happening’ was that the volume had died then started picking up quickly. A pure momentum trade for me. Something I didn’t even have time to think about or analyze. You just jump onto the moving train so to say then jump off taking advantage of the run and not looking for anything else. Hope that helps.

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