Another Outstanding Spring Setup – Real Beauty

The Entry Points

Yesterday there was only one daytrade, and today also only one, love it. That trade in SQ is discussed in the far-ranging video from yesterday. In it was discussed the resistance area in SQ that I used to sell into today, plus the selloff in the QQQ as being a “short-term bottom” and Bitcoin also was discussed.

And today was a magnificent spring setup in XNET, 11.45-14.06 – magnificent setup. Learn this one, it’s textbook. It was discussed  something to watch in our premarket comments this morning – to focus on the “bounce potential” with a break below support first. Yes break below support, we love it, that is a spring. The 11.57 support I was waiting for was a support I’ve had drawn in for several days – preparation ALWAYS:

BTC has it’s first shorter-term support area set up….I did a video back in September about my trade in KR, believing it was putting in a solid bottom, and brought it up again yesterday. I have no position, but it’s soaring today. EA, accum, springs, and SOSes are all the “system” anyone needs. KR is up 40% from that spring. RAD was also discussed with the SOSes. Retailers are a strong group currently, yet we were told to avoid them because of AMZN. Amazing.

The rocket ship in XNET is over, but there is bounce potential with a break thru support. Like XNET, a lot of the recent rocket ships are finished. We talked about the “serious resistance” in ROKU two days ago. And I’m watching for a bounce trade setup in there.”

Also discussed in the video is my position in DRYS, plus a few other items – RIOT, and the support area in BTC.


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  1. Excellent trade in XNET Trader Scott. Wish I would have been paying better attention to that one yesterday. Can’t say you didn’t warn us and I missed it. UGH…I hate it when that happens. Nothing more solid than a spring.

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