A Subscriber’s QQQ Options Trading, Racking Up Big Profits

Trading stocks, being consistent at trading actually, is very difficult. And trading in the options market is even more difficult. About 90% of options buyers lose money on their positions. And the stock index options are traded by some of the best traders around. So if you are going to focus on trading index options, you have to take it extremely seriously, you must have well-honed trade setups, and you must use a very rigid and strict approach thru all parts of the trade process – from the entry thru the exit. And you must be very patient and wait for only your trade setups. It is a very good market to trade, but you have to take this thing extremely professionally, as it is a very efficient market. So you have to find a niche.

I discuss the stock indexes on a consistent basis, and on Wednesday 4/18. I gave my view of where we stand with the indexes:

The stock market volume continues to stay relatively muted, but the follow thru day is still in force, breakouts are working, concerned about a top coming in over the next few days, possibly today.

Here is that QQQ chart, as the tradeable top showed up on 4/18. One of the subscribers, who is working very hard and really starting to put things together, came into Wednesday with a long position in QQQ calls. He took advantage of the 4/18 rally, and sold right into the top. Very professional attitude, selling the position into the gap from 3/21, and taking a 90% profit out of the trade. And tho I had no option position, it’s awesome to see subscribers doing high quality trades.

He left a comment for me, and also posted the intraday chart explaining his trade, below:

I wanted for you to see a trade I made today attempting to follow one of the lessons that you taught in the call –



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