9/15 Trading Opportunities Today – MRTX, ALDX, TTOO

The Entry Points

The following videos take a look at today’s trading, and a look back at a few others. The premarket comments on a few are below:

From 9/12 – ALDX – the long-term chart is a big area of accumulation with recent signs of strength, and today outstanding drug news. It will be a multi-month breakout, and we like that part of it also. But on these gaps – short-term need a reaction first to set something up. I will be looking to see if a daytrade potential is there, and bigger picture also.

And 9/14 – ALDX from Tuesday premarket – the gap and the selloff – many approaches. HALO with real good news about a Roche licensing deal – attempting to also be a multi-year breakout. Looking at SMMT and ARRY as bounce potential.

And 9/15 – Stocks – ALDX was a huge winner yesterday. It was discussed first on Tuesday, and then again yesterday. Hopefully some of you traded it and took profits. It had a big surge in volume into the close, and is suspect for now, but there could be an early bounce daytrade. Speaking of bounces, from the comments yesterday, ARRY had a great bounce and is continuing today. TTOO has bounce potential today. And MRTX has excellent drug news and will be very active.

Other stocks besides ALDX 9.45-10.50 bounce, – MRTX, MRNS, DVAX, AEMD, SQNS.



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