The High Profit Stock Calls Trader Scott Gave Us this Week; Did You Trade Them or Miss Them?

The Entry Points

One of the perks of becoming a monthly subscriber to this website is enjoying the stock symbols that Trader Scott shares every day that have a high probability of being movers yielding high profits. Of course, it’s up to you to exercise the knowledge you’ve learned from his trading videos and conference calls to understand the trade set ups and when to exit the trade, taking your profits, but he does the hard work finding and filtering the symbols. All you have to do is trade them and build your account more quickly than doing it on your own. So how good were his calls this week? We’ve listed a couple below.

DPW, MARA and NETE were mentioned on April 12 in the pre-market comments as stocks that had a chance to get active. They all did and did very well.

DPW closed on April 11 at .83. On the morning of the 12th, it gapped up and hit a high of 1.23, then gapped up once again the next day and hit a high of 1.49 for an 80% profit. Did you trade it or did you miss it?

MARA had closed at 1.19 on April 11. It also gapped up the morning of the 12th and hit a high of 1.64. Even it you would have bought the gap on open, you could have seen a .33 profit per share had you sold into the highs for a quick 28% profit.

NETE also gapped up the morning of the 12th, hitting a high of 8.35 and making another higher move the next day hitting a high on Friday of 10.08

CNET was mentioned intra day on April 10 as it made a monster move from 1.76 to 2.76 with the first 90 minutes of the trading day. It continued to provide excellent trade set ups the rest of the day and well into the next. We traded it and did really well with it.

TNDM was mentioned on April 10. It opened that morning at 5.89. It ran the whole day and was trading at almost 8.00 right after open the next day.


Don’t miss out next time; up your game by putting his picks on your daily watch lists.

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