September 7 Premarket Repost

The meaningless, big picture, “strong” jobs number is out. The only market, trading-basis, I’m interested in is the stock market, indexes selling off. I’ll be looking for a setup below the supp area posted last week, charts below, plus sticking with looking at the strongest stocks on dip or spike low setups, that is dependent upon the technical situation. That approach has been discussed numerous times in detail. Again, the stock market trend is up.

So again. Strength, uptrends, new highs, all-time highs, bkos – it is to me about OS and SD, but mainly about supply. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a trend in motion tends to stay in motion. Why the vast majority of people choose to make this so much harder on themselves, makes no sense, but it is what people will do. My choice – strong, strong uptrending stocks within an uptrending market overall. I keep posting winning stocks, so many many many opportunities for you with winning stocks, ones which don’t work that’s what stops are for. I love strong stocks, the stronger the better.

Numerous stocks from my 4/2 list, plus stocks which I have talked about over and over, have gone to new all-time highs. And what have they done after that? They have reaccumulated, and then have gone on to more all-time highs. Like FIVE with excellent earnings. Yet almost all of you and everyone in the stock market, will ALWAYS be too afraid of these stocks. I love new highs, all-time highs, but it’s clear this will never sink in with most people, no matter how many real-time examples I have given, and traded, over the last 18 months. Last year over and over with GRUB, IMMU, LOXO, SQ, ROKU, the Canadian pot stocks (and this year), etc etc etc. And this year with LULU, VNOM, WWE, TLRY, CGC, TEAM, SQ, GRUB, BJ, IMMU, FIVE, BFAM, YEXT, BAND, ETSY, LOXO, ROKU, GRUB, IMMU, SFIX, AMD, etc etc – all new all-time highs, or new multi-year highs.

And FIVE again, with excellent earnings out more all-time highs in ah yesterday trading over 125. Were there new all-time highs since my 4/2 list was posted?Were there reacc areas to use for entry? Why is this not sinking in?:


SFIX more new all-time highs, discussed over and over and over. Discussed on the 8/11 conference callin detail, it was trading at $31. So many many many opportunities, as I discussed on 8/11 how it was a LEADER and had broken out, and ways to approach it. Yes there will be a deeper selloff at some point, but what about all the profit potential in the last month? People are always looking for a top in an uptrend, instead of believing in the trend, making profits – AND USING SELLING RULES:






All charts below. Missed trades, and also had 2 losses. Part of this business.


Nice spike low in TLRY, was waiting for the 74 to spring, like what CRON did. So did not catch the great bounce, 10%, right into the gap res in TLRY:



I missed the trade of the day/setup of the day (for me that is) by 1 tick in CVM, on the bko yesterday (arrow), and it went on to rally 40% in an hour. I have posted CVM a couple of times recently, you should be well aware of it. Look at the 5 and the 1. And that beautiful spike high, huge volume, by far the biggest red volume in a long time.




ARWR bko, tried it twice, 2 losses, 5 and 3%. Will be watching still:


CLDR bko, stop moved to scratch:


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