September 5 Premarket Repost

Strength, uptrends, new highs, all-time highs, bkos – it is to me about OS and SD, but mainly about supply. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a trend in motion tends to stay in motion. Why the vast majority of people choose to make this so much harder on themselves, makes no sense, but it is what people will do. My choice – strong, strong uptrending stocks within an uptrending market overall. I keep posting winning stocks, so many many many opportunities for you with winning stocks, ones which don’t work that’s what stops are for. This thing is about going with the probabilities, CONN did not work at all.

Over and over and over I have discussed the pot stocks, and the top tier ones with TLRY, CGC, CRON. TLRY, CRON more than doubled since first discussing, CGC with the much bigger float is up 50% – all in a few weeks. I lucked out on TLRY with my purchase of the spring last Thursday, courtesy of the selling stampede in CRON, my TLRY 1/2 position is up 50%. The only way to luck out like that is to catch a powerful uptrend. AND BUY IT RIGHT. I will keep moving up stops on TLRY. CRON actually has had a better rally since its low, up about 70% from the ah low on Thursday. When the trend is up, the trend is up, period. When I believe I’ve identified an uptrend, or an uptrend close at hand, it’s about being patient and waiting for the opportunity, the TRADE SETUP, to enter. Yesterday. in the stocks which I literally discussed and posted well before the market open yesterday, several specific setups I have discussed IN DETAIL – the “spike low near the open in an uptrend or pre-bko”. This setup, you need to believe in your work, is the trend up, is the trend up – is the trend up? That is what you have to believe, if not, don’t do this setup.



TLRY, my position from last Thursday, again, I’ll keep moving up stops. But yesterday yet another outstanding opportunity right in front of you, I discussed TLRY again yesterday, TLRY with the 1,2 actually a 1,2,3 with the retest, but I bought off the breaking of the #1 low (second arrow) plus the break below the LLBH (first arrow) at 70.5, kept my position from last Thursday, this was a pure daytrade, sold the 70.5 daytrade buy at 77 way too early, but my plan was to sell it back into the high of the day, plenty of room for that to work:



CRON had an intraday backup, not as good of a setup as TLRY, but – IS THE TREND UP. The arrows are for a previous discussion:


SFIX – discussed again yesterday IN PREMARKET, discussed on the 8/11 conference call – in detail. Many opportunities, as I discussed how it was a LEADER and had broken out, and ways to approach it. Yesterday another opportunity even for a bounce trade, one of my setups is the “spike low near the open in an uptrend or pre-bko”. This setup has been discussed in DETAIL:


AOBC – discussed yesterday IN PREMARKET, another 10%+ profit area bounce from the spike low open setup:



GALT – discussed yesterday IN PREMARKET, spike low open, and a 10%+ bounce profit area using the spike high. Another bounce off the “1,2,3 intraday afternoon buy setup” and a nice rally to sell some into and/or move stops:





MNKD – I love strong stocks, the crappy strong (for a day or two) stocks, I wait to be able to recognize the uptrend to be established, or not, as early as possible. That approach has been discussed many many times. I recognized it when it went to a new high for the day, but I still screwed this one up, scratched it twice. If you want me to explain those trades, let me know:




GERN discussed numerous times recently, discussed IN DETAIL in the last conference call, discussed several times last week, another new high for the move:









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