Options, Using Them Purely As Trading Vehicles

Trading options is daunting, they are very confusing, there is a lot of math involved, so why bother? Because they are a great alternative way to be able to capture opportunities when the underlying instrument will not have much movement. That is what I am using to be short the bond market – March 125 TLT puts, as explained here.

There is a lot of leverage in options, but unlike futures, you aren’t risking more than you put in, assuming no margin on the options. They are a price leverage vs account leverage vehicle, just like the small stocks which I love to trade. I actually prefer the small stocks overall, as the % gains are just as powerful. But some people want to trade the “bigger stuff”, so options are a way to do that with more potential movement relative to the price.

I explain my way of trading options, and how I deal with the daunting math portion of options. I did not go in depth with all of the details, if you’re interested in this stuff, here’s some info and you may want to read that explanation first.

I did a second video to expand on this, I’m trying to keep these videos much shorter.

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  1. Hi Scott, thank you for the Options discussion.
    My experience has with options and risk management has been horrible, either win big or lose it all. I see the value of closer to the money trades as I can exit a position right away that move against me without so much slippage, to have a more limited downside loss exposure. It’s finally sinking in the huge necessity of cutting losses super short. Thanks!

    • Dave just the fact that you were in there and doing it, so important. You have the experience, good or bad, but you know where/how to begin to hone your approach. And yes, I didn’t stress that enough. I always go for the most active options, one of the first stats I look at is the volume traded.

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