Cannabis Could Be As Large As Soft Drinks Industry, Says Analyst

The Entry Points

If you’ve been following Scott’s premarket comments lately, he has shared many cannabis stocks that have become exceptional runners in the past couple of weeks offering some pretty outstanding trading opportunities. Have you traded any of the following? TLRY, CVSI, CRON, just to name a few. He has shared his insights into this moving sector far before articles like the one found below have been written. Oftentimes, these articles come out long after the moves have been made and the immediate opportunities are gone. They do serve to put them on your radar, but it’s necessary to wait for them to set up again. This is why reading his pre-market comments every morning is so important. Also, remember on January 9 when he told everyone it was time to sell the pot stocks? They tanked after that. So read those premarket posts and go make some money.

The Street

The cannabis industry has only just started to take off and investors could still expect to make a lot of money in the space, this according to Nick Giambruno, chief analyst at The Casey Report.

“This is a real industry that is emerging after 80 years of insane prohibition. When you consider the recreational, the medicinal, and the industrial uses of cannabis, this is going to be an enormous industry, it could be as large as the soft drinks industry,” Giambruno told Kitco News.

Giambruno noted that there are many cannabis stocks on the market, most of which are “junk,” and that investors should find companies that really distinguish themselves, like those involved in the cannabis oil sub-sector.

On gold, the analyst said that he just made the biggest gold purchase of his life last week, taking of advantage of what he sees as a great buying opportunity.

“I do think it’s a great time to get into gold, not only because of the valuations, but also because of the developments that are going on around the world,” he said.

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