August 30 Premarket – The Stock Market “Bubble Grows Even Bigger”

For 5 plus years, the geniuses who have claimed that the stock market is about to crash — they are now getting more frantic and strident. There is almost a 0% chance of a crash anytime soon. Since 2009, my friends at ____ have called me every nasty name, as I repeatedly stated that the March 2009 low in stocks is a generational low and stocks are going massively higher…”

Why are there quotes around the intro statement? Because I wrote that post – OVER FOUR YEARS AGO. Four years ago. The DJI was still in the 16ks. And yet we are no where near a “major top”, we are not “in a bubble“, we are not “overvalued“, the market is not “going up because of low interest rates or QE or manipulation“, it’s a combination of a lot of things, but the main thing is the TEN YEAR ACCUM AREA which I have discussed 1000 times at this point. Those words are in quotes, why? Because the morons who keep claiming that crap sound like politicians and their stupid annoying talking points when they are lying about political bullshit. Same difference here basically.

For years and years I have mocked, teased, pointed out, highlighted the total idiots who have been spewing their crap. And I have gotten nowhere with my comments. People don’t want to listen to boring sane quality work. Why are you, if you are, attracted to scamming, scare tactics, incompetence? There is little interest in competent work. But there is a ton of interest in incompetent scary dishonest misleading misdirecting fraudulent scamming. These disgusting clowns are still around, as the “stock market bubble grows even bigger and even more dangerous“. And every single person who has followed and still follow these clowns, and it’s a horde of people, have missed out on one of the greatest bull markets ever. And the few people who have listened to me and have truly believed in my stock market work and have implemented it – have been so far far far ahead of the game, and have at least had the opportunity for outstanding gains, and at a minimum have been on the right side of the trend – the secular trend.

And of course, as the “stock market bubble grows even bigger and even more dangerous“, the incompetent scammers refuse to stop with their stock market bubble chants. They just keep at it. They have done that for years, with every new all-time high, and into every selloff – right into the outstanding buying opportunities when they get so wildly excited – the resetting of the uptrend – the reaccumulation. REACCUMULATION. What did I say right into the awesome February lows?:

In the meantime, I do not remotely believe the bull market in stocks is over, not even close, 

I believe stocks are in a major bull market, nothing changed there. The stock market will continue to be volatile. I believe this whole area, is reaccum..

So the stock market more new record highs, there has been nobody more consistently bullish than I out of the Feb 6-9 EAs, the #1 and #2 EAs – the beginning of the reaccum. I have put out a multitude of symbols, plus an “official” list on 4/2, the very low day of the retest. And you have gotten outstanding advice for the single best TRADING sector, the pot stocks, for the past couple of weeks. And retailers have been discussed here more than any other sector and have been the best sector overall this year.


Yesterday I posted 3 small crappy type stocks, all 3 went to new highs for the move, more opportunities in them –  what did I say about them?

I will continue following the crappy stocks, until they break hard. So when they have not broken, there will be more potential in them, the momentum is still up at that point.

If you want to see them, study them, learn setups, learn buying dips in an uptrend (even the smallest stocks short-term), you will do it and pull up the charts. And again, these things are for trading, probably daytrading, I traded AFMD 2 days in a row, yes missed the bulk of the huge move in it the last few days, but still got in and out with profits. Here are yesterday’s charts which were posted:


Yesterday pot stocks once again more great trading opportunities. While a trend is up, I will continue to be very interested. Below are my comments from yesterday, no need to rehash what I’ve said about them for weeks. Also posted is the discussion of the small stocks:

Last week intraday, and again over the weekend, and for a couple weeks now, I have discussed, IN DETAIL, the opportunities in the pot stocks. CGC, CRON, TLRY especially, plus CVSI (more on that one below). They have been outstanding traders. Especially dip buying – “dip buy setup”. Yesterday more dip buy potential with TLRY and CRON. TLRY came out with earnings, and a big pop in the ah, back into the new highs. I did say outstanding “traders”. For trading, you have selling rules. Or do you? CVSI with another big bounce. I did not trade it, and even with the great bounce, will not trade it, am not interested. CVSI has broken too hard, some people may still be interested and may still find great opportunities, I’m sticking with the angling up ones, the ones which have (potentially) made the turn, or the ones which are in the process of resetting. Like A GERN.

Below are charts, small stocks, but makes the point. I want to see strength and new highs, even on crappy stocks, and trying to buy dips in the trend, or then a bounce trade. AFMD huge move yesterday, I caught only a small portion of it early. Someone who held overnight, great job with that. CVM, have been watching it for days, as it still had not broken. I will continue following the crappy stocks, until they break hard. So when they have not broken, there will be more potential in them, the momentum is still up at that point. I traded CVM last week, missed it yesterday, looked as if it were setting up to have a good close. I was anticipating it, so wanted to buy the dip/spike type low, and tried to buy at 2.05, missed it. IGC, who knows what the deal is with this thing, but as long as it’s angling up – did not trade it, but these are the situations I look for…”



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