Another Huge Winning Stock, Up 90%, Discussed Well Ahead of Time

Stevie Swai

This post here from last week discusses the great potential of the cloud stocks and the “magic” of Scott’s abilities as a trader (consistent hard work): In the post from LAST weekend, he discussed a couple of stocks, as well as when they were first recommended. All of them were on his outstanding 12/21 stock list, but were all recommended well before then, numerous times. And on 2/24 they were posted again FOR FREE, and ZS was one of them, first recommended on 6/29, as of 3/1 UP 90%, which blasted out to another record high on 3/1. And ANYONE could have bought that last week, recognizing what we have taught here at this website over and over – the strength, the accum, the reaccum, the absorption, the strong group, the spring at the bottom of the accum area, the upside of the accum – all of this has been taught. But as Scott always says – only a small minority of people work hard at this business, so therefore they will never succeed. Guaranteed.

From 2/24:

I am constantly reading reading reading – researching. Always looking for new ideas, which can become opportunities, which I then watch for the technical action hence the SETUP/TRIGGER (accumulation, SOSes, pre-bkos, bkos – ultimately uptrends). For instance, for many many months I was reading about, then watching, observing – cloud computing, also now edge computing. I discussed these on 11/26:

The QQQ, thanks to FAANGs and newer software stocks, would be much lower, old tech – COMIs, plus telecoms are holding up the index. I was very early to begin posting telecoms, the sector is doing beautifully – they have become leaders. Also restaurants, big medical and medical equipment. I continue to believe those cloud stocks and the “edge” technology have outstanding potential. The stocks which lead the market in the “corrections” become the great performers out of that correction. I am trading very little these days, mostly options, no trades Friday – but do you think I am not working just as hard tho?

And those cloud stocks then became the #1 group out of the December 2018 shakeout. I began recommending those stocks in 2018 – TEAM and WDAY were on my 4/2 stock list, TWLO on 8/7, ZS on 6/29, FTNT on 8/3, TTD on 8/10, and they were all on my 12/21 stock list along with CRM. All of these except for FTNT have gone on to new all-time highs. I have a list started for quantum computing stocks, none of them are listed in the article below.

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