Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportunities In Fad Stocks

There will be many upcoming posts about my challenge for myself this year – starting with a very very small account, and having to deal with (or maybe not?), the PDT rules. There are ways around it, I’m employing 2 of those ways, but the trade sizes then must be kept extremely small.

Recently from this post here about cloud computing I discussed several stocks which have turned out to be OUTSTANDING performers, and on 3/1 ZS has now broken out to more all-time highs. ZS is now UP 90% from the original recommendation:

And those cloud stocks then became the #1 group out of the December 2018 shakeout. I began recommending those stocks in 2018 – TEAM and WDAY were on my 4/2 stock list, TWLO on 8/7, ZS on 6/29, FTNT on 8/3, TTD on 8/10, and they were all on my 12/21 stock list along with CRM. All of these except for FTNT have gone on to new all-time highs. I have a list started for quantum computing stocks, none of them are listed in the article below.

Work, work, work:

I’m always reading, researching, trying to find new opportunities. So along these lines, the cloud stocks/telecoms referenced above – solid profitable fast-growing sectors. And on the other side, sectors moving purely on – assumption/hype – but….the pot stocks, crypto stocks, “green tech” are outstanding TRADING..TRADING stocks – when they set up for the next run. It does not even matter that the (very) incompetent assumption “green tech” will help combat “global warming”, oops, “climate change”. They are great stocks for pumps – and long-side profits. I have done many trades in all of these sectors. Another part of this is the “electric vehicle” stocks – BLNK, FUV, KNDI, SOLO, others. I have not traded FUV, NIO but the charts for my trades in the others are below:




SOLO trades – the day trend turned up when? Do you know? Do you have a specific, detailed, honed setup for this exact situation? If not, why not?



First shot with BLNK, believed the TREND WAS UP, that part correct, sold too early, scratch spring trade attempt, tho it was a great area to enter as the stock was on the way to 4.20.


Next shot, TREND STILL UP, entered a bit early, but trade worked beautifully, and good job of selling. Also – BOUNCE TRADE ONLY:



KNDI was a bko stock, discussed on 60, my plan:



Dip buy in uptrend:



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