A Happy New Year Message

The Entry Points

Happy New Year to you!

Well this has been quite a year for The Entry Points , the stock market, and the economy. We’ve survived a year of Trump being our president. The stock market continues to run with the bulls. Bitcoin blasted to the moon for some of whom we hope took some profits and the term ‘cryptocurrencies’ is now on the tips of everyone’s tongues.

And to those of you who have subscribed to our paid content, we hope you’ve learned a lot about markets and trading. We’re sure you have realized by now that this business is much harder than you probably had bargained for, but truly hope you are thriving and prospering through hitting singles. The hard work WILL pay off through perseverance and consistency.

The market provided crazy good opportunities to profit through the excellent trade set ups we’ve shared all year long.

IMMU was one of those stocks that we talked about over and over in our pre-market comments that went from 3.00 to 16.00 this year. We witnessed it break out of it’s 15 year accumulation area and become a strong mover. The pull backs provided great entry points and it continues to strengthen.

We saw the shippers like DRYS, DCIX, TOPS, SHIP, and others hit the very bottom. It was ugly, but when they started finding their legs again, some of them shocked us by skyrocketing, some 14 times their value. DCIX went from 1.56 on November 2 to 28.48 by November 6. The trading opportunities were plentiful for a couple of good weeks to trade in and out. It was great fun!

Then, there was Bitcoin. Wow. On May 1st, it was trading around 1350 and hit an incredible high of 19722 on December 17. Luckily, for our subscribers, who felt they missed out on trading Bitcoin yet paid attention to our pre-market comments, we shared symbols of companies (crypto stocks) that were moving along with Bitcoin. They were quite a bit easier to trade than Bitcoin and offered tremendous opportunities to trade them and take profits: OTIV, MGTI, MARA, INTV, OSTK, RIOT, XNET, and DPW  just to name a few.

As we enter 2018, we look forward to continuing our work here and sharing it with you. We do humbly ask that you get a bit more involved with leaving comments on our posts as it’s only through your participation that we can truly gauge how we are doing and how well you are understanding the material.

And for those handful of subscribers whom actively participate, and you all know who you are, you will make it in this business because of your passion, interest, desire to learn and most importantly through your hard work. You guys rock!

We hope 2018 brings everyone a great year of wonderful health, wealth and prosperity!!!!

Trader Scott & Stevie Swai


  1. Thanks for what you do. Your work has been invaluable to me. It is tight, succinct and makes so much sense. I spent too much time listening to “the noise” and often wondered if the”reasons” for rise/fall of whatever stock could be just after the fact rationale by the babblers. I started following you when you were talking to Patrick and Andy Gauss, and even emailed you a couple of times. Your advice on the small hits is right on. I went through a huge win streak(Using options) and then a shocking bust.(Small gold miners), because I just didn’t get out quick with the profit. It takes a lot wins to negate a big loss. So its been a lot of small wins. I take profit fast and ditch it when it looks like a loser. I’ve learned to be more nimble doing this. Thanks for your ideas on trades: I know it takes a lot to do the screening before hand, and that would a fun thing for you to document even if you think it boring for us. I have no illusions about how much work that must be.

    Looking forward to a fun and prosperous New Year

    Peter N

    • Peter, thank you, yes there are so many benefits to the smaller winners, when you can keep running them, you really teach yourself so much about trading AND build confidence that you can make it in this business. You are teaching yourself how to be a trader. Most people will never understand the importance of that. And then who cares about taking a loss. We learn from them, and they are just a part of the business. And yes the screening is time consuming, but there is nothing stopping me from working hard, except not being mentally tough, and I’m not going there. I feel very comfortable putting in the effort.

      Keep the passion, a winning attitude, focus, stay optimistic, and regarding the “everything is crashing” crowd – is just pure entertainment to me, total noise. Ignore it. There are all kinds of trading opportunities anyway even when things are falling.

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