Hi Scott and Stevie,

Best finance/ trading website out there……fantastic work by great traders with a willingness to not only share stock names but also knowledge which is priceless !!!!!

Really appreciate it. And also great calls on the miners…..still don’t know how you do it but your new title is Gandalf the wise !       A. Zahid

Dear Trader Scott – I lost my account several years ago after making 3 very risky and losing trades. I have since been able to fund my account and start trading again, this time, with a more mature and grounded approach , due to what I’ve learned from you. I have made 2 trades in the past week, both profitable and I’ve lost zero. I’m am finally understanding the importance of managing risk and being patient, waiting for good set ups. Thank you so much for your knowledge. My account is in an uptrend 😉   Renee G.

You are indeed a wise if not a smart trader……

I am beginning to finally see the light and making sense of what you say.  As a novice trader who began reading your blog only a few moths ago and with several paid subscriptions to financial newsletters, I have managed to make mistake after mistake….with the double whammy of not really understanding the mistakes I was making….blaming the markets,manipulation and everyone but myself !!

Will need to start putting more work into my learning journey….but am grateful that you have shared so much and probably spared me many years of mistakes and losses.

Would love to get more insights on trading skills and the mental side of trading. I understand that I need to learn this by trading but having seen what you teach actually play out in markets has given me hope that I can at least learn more before allowing the market to teach me the hard way…..Aamer

Can’t tell you how much I have learned since reading your thoughts…. brilliant!    Chuck

Pretty spot on so far. Grateful subscriber.      E. Macomb, NYC

Since I have started reading you I have learned quite a lot and beginning to understand how to use support/resistance for entry and exit. Thank you. David P.

I do wish I had been reading your blog back in 2015 whilst that low was unfolding. I am trying to emulate your mantra of selling into strength and buying into resistance, and your charts and analysis / explanations are incredibly useful. I wish I had found this blog years ago. In the past I have been far too guilty of listening to the noise, and letting my emotions rule me – both leading to terrible timing!   Chris

Great Post Scott. As you know I’m the least able trader here but keen to learn from your blog and subscribers in order to hone my bigger picture. You know this post was music to my ears. Whilst I’ve worked out that day trading is outside my comfort zone and skill set and probably mindset; it really helps to know how a master and his disciples roll. As you, I and presumably all your regular followers know… All fiat currencies will fail. Period. I do think though dollar’s had its day but that’s not the point in trading terms I know. Still a lot of money to be made or lost betting on or against it. On my first day of ‘trading’ I effectively went short on the dollar. Mistake ? But that’s one way of learning. Another is following friendly experts like you. Yeah so many guys out there professing to know it all and charging a hefty sum for that. So we are very grateful for a guy who does know day trading and is happy to share the knowledge. Read something the other day about information being ubiquitous nowadays and knowledge being scarce. Everything you say confirms my own biases/knowledge that banking and economics needs a reset, metals are a good hedge as is BTC and the dollar is going to be either a domestic entity or will be replaced. Your most important chart in the world is a key obviously. I hope we see better economics and better geopolitics within our lifetimes but if we do there will be pain along the way. If we don’t there will be pain all along the way. Keep trading and blogging bro. Q Ps hi to Scott’s posse, glad to have shared cyber space with u all.  From Q

Scott, you’re right on the $ again. Your understanding of the markets is amazing.   Fen

I have found your blogs to be the best analysis I have ever read, your style of writing is so inspiring. Thanks for posting free material, it is so valuable.   Regards, Matthew N.

Natgas push below 3.10 is near … you are awesome Scott! There is lot to learn from you 🙂    Jayesh

Thank you very much for doing a video on average in. From time to time, I get very disappointed at myself for not being able to to set stops; it always wiped out the collected profit. I took a day off away from computer and gave myself a good rest. I envy your trading skills and your understanding of the markets. I am so amazed how can you be so smart that being both a good trader and also has the ability to analyze and write about the markets so well.     Fen


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