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For example:

We’ve talked about XXII several times in our pre-market comments and told our subscribers on July 31 to keep an eye on this emerging stock. Just take a look at its performance over the past couple of days.

IMMU is another one that we’ve talked about since we started the website back in March. We pegged it as a strong stock and have enjoyed and profited from it’s continued uptrend.

MEIP is another one. Here is what we shared in our May 30 pre-market comments:

MEIP has the potential in here for different kinds of setups. There is a real preparation process going on.

It certainly was setting up by selling off through June 9 hitting a low of 1.82, then rallying through July 7 to a high of 3.28, coming close to doubling in just one month.

And these are just a few; the list of winners is long.


What sets Trader Scott apart from many others when it comes to markets and trading?

Regarding the stock market and gold – for years he has reiterated that the stock market is in a major bull market, there is no stock market bubble, and there is almost a zero percent chance of a crash anytime soon, which he still believes is the situation. The big selling waves in stocks are for buying. As to gold, he had been concerned about gold for several years leading into the major low in December 2015. He believed it was under major accumulation for over 2 years, but repeated cautiousness numerous times – turned bullish on gold when the whole world was bearish in December 2015, and on 12/9/15 he said it’s finally time to buy gold and the miners. Gold bottomed one week later. And throughout 2016, he kept repeating that in late 2016 gold would have a major re-test of the December 2015 bottom, but at a higher low. And right before the US election he turned very concerned about gold, recommending selling or shorting gold.

Although he believes bonds, on 7/6/16, entered a huge long-term bear market, as a trader he understands a great setup – December 3, 2016 post – bought bonds – Trader Scott went totally against the crowd who at the time were insanely bearish. All of Wall Street was calling for a “crashing bond market” , but he believed a bond rally could be “surprisingly strong”. Bonds bottomed a few days later and rallied for 6 months into late June 2017.

On commodities/oil – He was bearish on commodities and oil for several years until January 2016 – in this post, he believed commodities and oil would hit their major bottom by March 2016. Oil bottomed in late February 2016.

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