November 1, 2016 Gold Outlook – the Election

The Entry Points

Originally on One Radio Network November 1, 2016

My belief has been gold will generally rally into the end of October, but it was in the first part of November when we have to get concerned about a secondary top. However we would continue to see some rally attempts. So here we go, November 1st and gold is getting itself into a bit of a pickle. It has gotten quite overbought and is seeing distribution coming in (blue arrow). So now, I will do some light selling of gold, and likely also do some shorting, if gold trades above a large (for now) resistance area around $1305. But that’s for me, it’s just how I approach this business. For most people, just be patient and wait for the really good entry points I have markedon the chart – those are very good buy zones. Right now, is a lousy time to be buying PMs. But just to add, PMs are in a bull market. In a bull market, we often don’t see the “best” entry points to buy. It is why for months in this blog, I kept telling people if gold trades below $1252, then that would be our first good, but definitely not great, entry point into gold on the long side. I took my own advice and did some nibbling on physical below $1250. But, I do believe we are heading lower first, before we head much higher. If gold does have a good selling wave, I do plan on buying much more – especially mining stocks and silver. And I also received a question about shorting GDX yesterday – the reply can be seen at the post. So currently, I’m quite cautious about gold.


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