If you are a new trader or have been tossing around the idea of trading your own account, we’ve assembled several of our blog posts which you may find helpful. We share insights into some of our experiences and offer a few ideas about how to get started. Our “Market Blog” is free for the general public to enjoy and is packed with information on trading and the markets. However, we do encourage those seriously interested in growing their accounts or considering this as a career to become one of our paid subscribers. Just the one on one mentoring from Trader Scott through the questions he answers in our comments section and the personal attention he gives is worth the subscription price alone.

We have a nice community of subscribers who get the inside scoop from Trader Scott on what’s going on in the markets and what to expect from the signals given off. Our subscribers also, not only have access to in depth information about trading , but are given symbols to watch for big market moves. And big market moves oftentimes garner big profits. So let’s get you started trading today!


Trading Small – Before We Get Started

Getting Started – Equipment, Brokers, Etc.

New Traders Working With A Small Account

What Is A Mentor and Why Does Having One Matter?

When the Market Is Flat, You Can Always Go Fishin’

Being Wiser About Using Market Orders and Stop Orders

Question About Learning Trading

The Key Is In the Entry Point, Not the Outcome

You Can Do It!

How Your Beliefs, Mental States, and Mental Strategies Factor Into Top Trading Performance

Accumulation and Distribution is What Sets Up Markets

One of the Best Ways to Get To Know Yourself Is By Getting the Crap Kicked Out of You By the Market