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  •   For all of the subscription services which purport to know how to be able to accurately predict where a market will bottom, not a one of them explains that you actually have to have… [...]
  • Our own emotions are one of the biggest detriments to attaining overall market success. We need to learn how to reverse those emotions at the appropriate times. The manipulators are very aware how most of… [...]
  • Runner stocks can be very rewarding, but since the potential is so big, then the difficulty of trading these well is also very big. Reaccum, absorption, trend absorption, angling-up, momentum, #1 and #2 bounces -… [...]
  • Bounces off of the first BC (buying climax)/preliminary supply are extremely high probability opportunities – all time frames please understand this comment I keep making. It is about understanding it is going to happen, and… [...]
  • Accumulation and distribution are the most powerful tools for giving us confidence about the future direction of markets, on any time frame actually. And springs, upthrusts, and shakeouts are the (potentially) best entry points. So… [...]

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