• While the Wafflers Waffle, Our View on Gold Remains Consistent and Unchanged
  • Winners List - August 22 (10 PM)
  • Be Prepared – Earnings Calendar
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  • WMT, AMZN, and Trading Bounces

    August 21, 2017-2:12 am 0
    The Entry Points We’ve been kind of bullish (trading-wise) on retailers over the last few months, believing the selloffs are opportunities for at least some good bounces. Why have we kind of liked them? Because [...]
  • The Gold Bull Market

    August 19, 2017-8:58 pm 2
    The Entry Points This post should be used in conjunction with this one. Gold is in a bull market, but most of this year my belief was that gold, and especially the miners would be “stuck” in [...]
  • The Entry Points This is not meant as a slight against anyone involved in trading their own accounts. Trading is a very tough occupation/endeavor. We face constant battles – mainly with ourselves. But when we [...]
  • The Entry Points Originally on One Radio Network November 1, 2016 My belief has been gold will generally rally into the end of October, but it was in the first part of November when we [...]
  • The Entry Points Traders trade. And it is a very tough business, which requires hard work, consistency, and mental toughness. Just showing up every single day with a positive, winning attitude, and being prepared, is [...]

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