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  • The whole thing with 123 plus 3.5 (terminal action) is something which I use in numerous types of situations in markets. To enter trades or to exit trades or to judge the risk of entering… [...]
  • Anticipating Emotions

    May 1, 2017-1:28 am 2
    Using different tools to anticipate where emotions will start to ratchet up (freak out time) are very useful in trying to pinpoint areas where turning point likely will show up. And then breaking below that… [...]
  • Developing a Stop Loss Strategy

    October 29, 2017-11:16 pm 2
    Risk management is the most important job for anyone involved in markets, but there are numerous layers to it. And all of this falls under the umbrella of the approach to markets. It’s the approach… [...]
  • This video should be viewed in conjunction with this one. A huge part of the confusion about trading is directly related to being completely unaware of time-frames. I should know, it was a huge source… [...]
  • Trading the News (Part 1)

    October 9, 2017-8:02 am 4
    We talk about many stocks in the morning in the pre-market comments that have started rallying on news. Oftentimes, these stocks really take off and are taken to new highs, turning them into stronger stocks… [...]

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