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  • The Entry Points Stevie Swai While digging into the archives earlier searching for information on something else, I ran across an old blog post from Trader Scott. The message is so incredibly simple, that just [...]
  • Oil is in a very large accumulation area. There was a three wave down, spring low, major bottom on 2/11/16. I did several posts, leading up to that bottom, regarding my concerns about crude, this [...]
  • Theories, theories, useless theories. Most theories in markets, when really researched, will show very little, or no, solid facts behind them. The gold market is full of absurd theories. For years people have been promoting [...]
  • Bruce Lee, and Springs?

    February 11, 2018-5:03 pm 2
    One of my buddies growing up became a black belt at an early age, and we both became big fans of the great Bruce Lee. “Enter the Dragon” is a classic, almost as successful (as [...]
  • We’re either going to work hard at this business and succeed, or we’re not. The people who stay mentally tough thru it all, will always survive. It requires working at this every single day, like [...]

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