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  • The Power of Broken Support/Spring

    September 6, 2016-4:23 pm 0
    For those who don’t believe in the power of patiently waiting to buy until “support is broken”, here are more examples. I’ve literally done this thousands of times over the years. Of course, most of… [...]
  • Most people in markets are always focused on the great outcome. It’s why GURUS are always in demand, because people want to believe that someone can actually predict market outcomes. Like gold is going to… [...]
  • Trend exorption is tough to work with, and it’s not nearly as common as trend absorption is. Recognizing exorption can be very helpful as to reinforcing a view of a market at least getting down… [...]
  • I need to explain what is meant by follow thru, and the rest of the video is about buying climax reaction buy setups. I have traded a few…. This content is for members only.Log In [...]
  • Fight Thru a Loss, Let It Bounce

    December 24, 2017-8:34 pm 0
    As discussed many times, I usually don’t use physical stops. I use mental stops, and have a general idea where to get out of a loser. I don’t spend a lot of time on the… [...]

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