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Becoming a Better Trader

  • This video should be viewed in conjunction with this one. A huge part of the confusion about trading is directly related to being completely unaware of time-frames. I should know, it was a huge source… [...]
  • Selling Short #1

    June 19, 2017-1:22 am 9
    Being able to recognize short selling opportunities/setups can be extremely useful, even if we’re not going to actually get short the market or stock. But recognizing these setups can even be very beneficial in reverse…. [...]
  • Sell stops or loss strategy of some sort is a necessity of course. But we can also use them in our favor in waiting for a little bit better entry point.      … This [...]
  • Exiting strategies, when we believe the trade is no longer working, are not just about using stops – there are different ways to do this. We can actually use specific trade setups to help a… [...]
  • Stop Predicting, Just Trade

    February 14, 2017-1:43 am 0
      There is so much wrong with how so many people approach markets. And predicting/guessing is one of the most toxic transgressions. One of the biggest advantages with short term trading is how much less… [...]

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