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  • May 23 Premarket Repost

    June 1, 2018-4:27 pm 0
    The stock market selloff is being “blamed” on the China situation, just as it was being “credited” for the rally on Monday. This whole thing about people who write about markets is a total joke, [...]
  • Premarket Repost 5/18

    May 27, 2018-12:41 pm 9
    The 5/18 premarket is below. This business is not about magic, trading systems, hot stock tips, economic theories, any theories actually, high IQs, the Federal Reserve – it is 100% about hard work (consistent hard [...]
  • More Useless Predictions

    May 24, 2018-1:48 pm 0
    More useless predicting from the totally incompetent Wall Street analysts. These people are literally paid millions for their crap. This is what people are paid 7 figure incomes for? What is it about making totally [...]
  • Premarket Repost 5/16

    May 22, 2018-4:24 pm 0
    The bond market is by far the biggest market in the world and with the continued push higher in rates it continues to have far-ranging effects. Many years ago, I began discussing how the upcoming [...]
  • The answer to the question, my view only obviously as there is no right answer, is found down below. A discussion of pot stocks at the very popular and respected Motley Fool can be found [...]

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