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  • Premarket Repost 5/16

    May 22, 2018-4:24 pm 0
    The bond market is by far the biggest market in the world and with the continued push higher in rates it continues to have far-ranging effects. Many years ago, I began discussing how the upcoming [...]
  • The answer to the question, my view only obviously as there is no right answer, is found down below. A discussion of pot stocks at the very popular and respected Motley Fool can be found [...]
  • The Secular Bond Bear

    May 19, 2018-7:54 pm 2
    The bond market is in a secular bear market. The stock market is in  a secular bull. The bear market in bonds will not kill he secular stock bull, but it will cause pauses, corrections, [...]
  • The 3 paragraphs below are from this post from 6 months ago about how sticking with the trend is possibly the single most important approach we can take in markets. One of the biggest confusions [...]
  • This business of markets, and the eventual ability to survive them and to prosper, is 100% about how committed you are to getting there, how much you are willing to give up to get there, [...]

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