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Becoming a Better Trader

  •   For all of the subscription services which purport to know how to be able to accurately predict where a market will bottom, not a one of them explains that you actually have to have… [...]
  • I really hope you guys and gals watch this one all the way thru, it is so important to view markets in this manner – intangibles. There are four traits which I believe make you… [...]
  • Trend exorption is tough to work with, and it’s not nearly as common as trend absorption is. Recognizing exorption can be very helpful as to reinforcing a view of a market at least getting down… [...]
  • Implementing the Method

    May 29, 2017-1:36 pm 0
    Obviously the point of trading is to trade – wow, brilliant Scott. So learning a method is very important, but it’s learning to implement that method into actual trading which is the whole point. And… [...]
  • Working With Scanners

    January 23, 2018-11:03 pm 17
    Scanners are really helpful, but they are only a tool. I use them in several different ways and this is discussed in the video, along with examples of how to set up the filters.  … [...]

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