• Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day - Get caught up with what's moving markets in Asia - November 23 4:46 PM EST
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  • Stock Futures Point Higher as Earnings Finish Strong - November 21
  • Bitcoin just hit an all-time high — here’s how you buy and sell it
  • There are 3 things that could destroy one of the greatest stock rallies of all time - November 19
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  • Even for This Year's Best Stock Indexes, There’s Still Room to Go November 17
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  • The Entry Points We’ve liked EKSO for a long time, and liked the accumulation area since March/May, and discussed it again in premarket 2 weeks ago – the spring: EKSO another one, with numerous springs and [...]
  • Gold, the $, and Hard Work

    November 22, 2017-3:25 pm 0
    I’m done trading today so for a recap of some things, and some thoughts. You know one of my favorite topics is plain old grinding it out hard work and always being prepared, well ahead [...]
  • The Entry Points Markets are tough, extremely tough. They have been like that from day one for me. We, on this website, have never claimed this business is remotely easy. Most websites make fraudulent claims [...]
  • Another False Theory About Gold

    November 19, 2017-3:48 pm 0
    The Entry Points The following post is from June 6, 2017, and discussed yet another total myth about gold – that it is only bullish when the miners and/or silver are leading gold, otherwise it’s [...]
  • The Entry Points Since 12/9/2015, with all of the total useless noise written and said about gold (and bonds) I have never wavered in my belief about gold beginning a new secular bull market. And [...]

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