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  • The following has been repeated over and over at this website about the stock market in relation to bonds. Stocks are in a secular bull, years left to run, bonds are in a secular bear, [...]
  • As the rear view mirror crowd (most everybody) finally figured out that bond yields are going up, then of course the stock market effects show up and the freak out begins. But you guys knew [...]
  • How many times over the last few years have I discussed “bonds are the biggest top I have ever seen”? Probably 100x. And I have given price and yield levels to short into originally in [...]
  • September 27 Premarket

    September 27, 2018-9:23 am 1
    To follow up on the comments about retailers yesterday, I then left this comment below. And again it is a bull market: “As far as the retailers, and I meant to include upthrusts in that [...]
  • September 5 Premarket Repost

    September 9, 2018-9:18 pm 0
    Strength, uptrends, new highs, all-time highs, bkos – it is to me about OS and SD, but mainly about supply. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a trend in motion tends to [...]
  • September 7 Premarket Repost

    September 9, 2018-9:16 pm 0
    The meaningless, big picture, “strong” jobs number is out. The only market, trading-basis, I’m interested in is the stock market, indexes selling off. I’ll be looking for a setup below the supp area posted last [...]
  • The Entry Points If you’ve been following Scott’s premarket comments lately, he has shared many cannabis stocks that have become exceptional runners in the past couple of weeks offering some pretty outstanding trading opportunities. Have [...]
  • “For 5 plus years, the geniuses who have claimed that the stock market is about to crash — they are now getting more frantic and strident. There is almost a 0% chance of a crash [...]
  • August 27 Premarket Comments

    August 25, 2018-10:14 pm 0
    There are new posts for subscribers – here with the conf call and a post here from intraday Friday. They contain a lot of info and symbols, keeping it simple today, this is going up [...]
  • Premarket Comments for August 23

    August 23, 2018-8:46 am 5
    The Russell 2000 more new all-time highs, SPY, QQQ are both sitting right below their all-time highs. And for months multitudes of individual stocks have set up beautifully and have broken out. And the idiot [...]

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  • Small Stocks Approach

    April 24, 2017-8:08 am 0
    Everything in this business is about controlling risk. There is nothing more important, but for some reason using stops is what is taught to + risk control. There is way more to it than that…. [...]
  • The following is an example of trying to find the support areas to use for springs. The support must be a solid one, sometimes not “obvious”, but over time you start to be able to… [...]
  • This post should be used in conjunction with this one. And here is the original video about buying CANN at 2.67 on 12/20, discussed below. The 123 top and bottom is something I developed years… [...]
  • The Entry Points Trading Tips

    May 25, 2016-11:39 pm 0
    The Entry Points Today we’re going to share 90% of the method we use for succeeding in markets and how to use that to trade ANY technical situation/condition in markets. This is exactly what gives one… [...]
  • I need to explain what is meant by follow thru, and the rest of the video is about buying climax reaction buy setups. I have traded a few…. This content is for 1 Month Subscription [...]

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